Creative Needle Felting Kits for all!

Cute and Characterful Needle Felting Kits!

Needle felt your own cute character!

Needle felting is a simple yet magical experience - by pushing a special felting needle in and out of wool the fibres entangle and become firm making it possible to make these delightful needle felt creations.

The kits are perfect for beginners but more experienced needle felters will enjoy them too!

The designs are flexible so there are no right answers.

Happy Felting!

All our kits are designed and made in Manchester, UK.


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Boxed Kits

Currently we have ten of our most popular kits in beautiful boxes. Making them ideal gifts for friends or yourself! These kits include everything you will need.

Kits in Bags

These kits include more compact instructions and everything you need apart from a small sponge.

Needle Felt Supplies

A selection of needle felting tools and supplies such as packs of extra needles and bags of colourful wool.


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